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CurMttr :: Act I :: How to remotely switch lights via Terminal using MiJia Smart Socket

Task: We have a bunch of accelerometers connected to a Raspberry Pi. An audience is going to interact with the sensors and once a certain event occurred we have to remotely switch a neon sign and/or luminescent lamps (powered by wall sockets) on and off. Solution: Probably, the easiest way to do that is to buy MiJia Smart Sockets and hack them to be able to control them from the Terminal on Raspberry Pi. So I have bought a socket: Make sure to get a standard version, not a Zigbee, because it has to work without Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway. Then I downloaded Hi Home app… More


The main take away is: I need a short-throw projector for the installation. There is not enough space for a regular one in the dark room I have got. More

Ehm… change of plans

As you probably know from my previous post, I was going to project the visualisation on the curved surface, but then, after tutor said that I have to build it myself, I decided to reconsider the necessity of a curved screen. That is why I started to think how to make it, even more, engaging with simpler forms. I decided to split the screen into few flat surfaces and project my visualisation on the biggest one. This way I am adding depth to the environment which symbolises the canvases of our brain spoiled with dark thoughts and fears. More

Idea for the fastening

As I am going to put paper canvases the way they look like levitating in the air, I have to come up with a fastening. I want to glue wood planks on the back, screw in some hooks and then hang it up using wire rope. More

What I am doing

Setup: A dark room. Plinth in the centre of the room. An undefined object on the plinth which looks like a living alien creature which depicts spectator’s thoughts and fears. Projection on the curved screen in the corner of the room: An abstract 3D object which represents the inner state of the creature on the plinth. Behaviour: When the person is stepping in the room, a voice provides initial instructions: “You are welcome in the hidden part of your brain. This… More

Interactive Meditation

Exploring meditation and mindfulness app, I found one which is very interesting and very much connected to what I am trying to achieve. It was Sway. What I like about it is not the app itself, but the concept and scientific background of it. More information on that you can find here: Cover image:… More

Mindfulness apps: do they work?

Looks like not really, at least not for everyone. Cover image: Illustration: Nick Lowndes for the Guardian… More

How to make a Cronenberg controller

I wanted to create an object inspired by the Cronenberg’s movies. Here is a cool tutorial on how to make a fairly disgusting controller for your Xbox. Also, looking for materials I tried acrylic polymer to form unusual shape using a mould, but it turned out to be bad for that purpose. After 3 weeks:… More