Studying computer science and working as a UI/UX designer I have been fond of coding. There is nothing impossible with programming; you have unimaginable possibilities to create something, that no one did before.

The worlds are emerging, digital environment is becoming as important and tangible as a physical. It could not be missed by artists. They are always looking for new ways to reach the people’s minds more efficiently.

Why code such a great instrument for artists? There is a long history of confrontation and collaboration between art and science, but it seems that they cannot exist separate from each other because they are the parts of the same piece.
I see the code as a pure representation of science, of its exactness; and art as an emotional expression of human nature.

Code by itself is blank and lifeless; art is chaotic and wild. But when programmer starts his work, he starts creating; he can bring to life whatever he wants to, whatever he can imagine.

Programming helps to shape your thinking process. If you want to know why you do things in a certain way, you should learn how to code, at least basics to understand algorithmics.