As I defined in the previous post, any social group of people with the shared interest could be considered as a tribe.
Initially tribes had their own land to live in, but then they were blended and formed into states. But even now we can distinguish local tribes with their own interests within the countries.
When I met two Photo Journalism students at one of the networking events, who are appeared to be polish, our discussion was about our understanding of borders. For us it was a topical question because Poland and Ukraine have a shared border and a long history of its changing, so nowadays Polish and Ukrainians have different views on where should it be, especially people who live near the borderline.
So based on that, we can talk about two tribes who have common border, but have their own views on the topic. We were talking about The Curzon Line, the history and traditions. Than we discussed the fakeness of the borders which exists only on paper and in people minds; how much inconvenience it causes; and how it could change in future taking into account the globalization.

It was a nice talk and we decided to brainstorm on we can do together. But after a deeper research I figured out that overall topic of borders is too much about politics and to depressing for me.
But what is more relevant for the unit brief it is too hard to make a proper primary research on the ukrainian-polish border, being in London.
So let’s move on 🙂