As I mentioned in my previous blog entries, when we got to the LCC Studio at the Elephant&Castle Shopping Centre, I was surprised by the number of surveillance cameras in that place, but I noticed them mostly because I had already had a focus on people’s privacy and monitoring. When I asked others in the room no one paid any attention to the cameras before I pointed on them. So that is why I decided to make invisible visible and make surveillance tangible and noticeable.

For me, surveillance creates something like a net above our heads and makes me feel that psychological pressure. That reminded me a work of Ukrainian artist Daniil Galkin “Remote Administration Tool” (2015):Bring it up from your subconsciousness

I wanted to kind of recreate the same feeling in the Studio to ask some people whether it changes their perception of surveillance and what exact feelings it provokes. So my test version was made by a thread wired over the heads of visitors:Bring it up from your subconsciousness 1

Besides the primary function of the installation, I liked the side effect of it. The assembling of the net turned into a performance, which had a great influence on the people inside the room as it drew a lot of attention and my answers like “Do not mind, I am not here, I am just a surveillance” made a lot of sense.