Yeah, I think, at the moment, you are wondering why I named this post in German and what it means. This is the way Immanuel Kant called the “thing as it is”, objectively, without any perception filter we all have got.

Have you ever thought about the way you see the world around you and whether it is the real representation of it? Have you ever wanted to have a chance to get that red pill? Either yes or no, neuroscientists now can say for sure that we do not see reality as it is and that is because of how our brain works, how it has been evolved.

We do not experience the world as it is because our brains didn’t evolve to do so.
— It’s time to see things differently… to improve your life

But is there anything we can do to change this? The only thing I can say: there is nothing impossible. And we should start with uncertainty, we should doubt everything we know and everything our brain learnt from the thousands of years of evolution and building the reflexes, which were vital for survival, but blinded us.

Embrace the uncertainty. Put yourself in the dark room of not knowing.

“The Matrix” (1999)