I have always been finding architecture and engineering as some of the most inspiring things for whatever I create. Everything considered as beautiful and artistic has exact sciences ground on its base.

Architecture is the quintessence of excellent collaboration between art and science. It has a very practical purpose from the very beginning, but it would not work well without aesthetics because human productivity depends on the mood which respectively depends greatly on surrounding environment.

Last week I was on the exhibition at V&A museum dedicated to Ove Arup, one of the greatest structural engineers of the previous century, who is known for his work on Sydney Opera House and Pompidou Centre.

Ove Arup Portrait

His background in philosophy made him look on the architectural engineering from the different angle. He had a strong belief in the principle he called Total Design, which consists in close cooperation between designers and engineers from the very beginning of the project to make even the most ambitious projects real and innovative. For us, it could sound like common sense, but it was a breakthrough then and not always implemented nowadays.

Science should always be in the basement of the design process.

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