I believe that everything is connected and our thoughts have a huge impact on our body and environment around us. Every time I have any trouble with my body, I check the connection of it with my mindset using parapsychology and psychosomatic medicine, and most of the time the effect is surprisingly accurate. It works like magic. So that is why it is so difficult to make people believe in it. They want to have either a scientific or spiritual explanation. A Scientific explanation exists and it is based on the way our brain works, but it is very challenging to prove on the current stage of neurobiology progress.

But what works with “magic”, spirituality, beliefs and making complicated things easy to follow? Right, religions. It has been working for thousands of years. And the main theme of my project is mystery interaction, which I defined previously as an occasion of communication between two or more people or things with a strange or not yet explained outcome.

So here is what we have got:

  1. I am talking about the connection between someone’s thoughts and body.
  2. I am working on tangible interfaces.
  3. The outcome of the interaction should be mysterious and hard to explain.

The first reference which came up on my mind was voodoo doll when someone interacts with the object through the ritual to inflict physical harm to the victim. My idea to use the same principle not to curse someone, but to heal because impact depends on the intention of the one, who is conducting the ritual.

I am going to create a doll you could interact with using your voice and more common for audience tool, such as a needle.