Looking for inspiration, I went to the Design Museum, as I always find something new there which could catalyze my creativity.

Let’s take a look what thoughts I have got there:

  1. As the William Morris theme was still in my mind, I have stopped near the timeline with the fact about William. I remembered about his rejection of the industrialization and refusal of visiting the Crystal Palace. That made me think about the progress and people’s perception of it, as someone is open to everything new and happy to explore cutting-edge solutions when others afraid of it and prefer to live with stability even dealing with an inconvenience. Future is uncertain and progress could lead either to prosperity or to the collapse.Finding inspiration: Design Museum 1
  2. The next exhibit provokes thoughts about few topics:
    — Enhancing human body with artificial organs;
    — Animal testing;
    — Possible problems with the electronic organs  (such as taking remote control of the organs and bodies of others).
  3. The “good design” is fairly ambiguous by itself.
  4. Then I visited the exhibition about aging called “New Old”, and it was full of speculative designs. One of my favorites was the interactive installation “Spirit” by IDEO. AI has a lot of resonance nowadays and it is very ambiguous. Will it make our life easier or just eliminate us like a disease of the planet and its own thread? IDEO’s vision is optimistic, but with a skeptical approach this technology could be extremely dangerous, as it gets all the information about the human and creates a huge impact in the person who is using it.
    Finding inspiration: Design Museum 8

    ©Ideo, photography by Luke Hayes

    Finding inspiration: Design Museum 9

  5. As the only thing, that we are certain about (not really) is that we all are going to become old. Almost all the developed countries are aging, so this theme is very topical and it is important to make the world friendly for old people as their life could be as bright as the youngster’s one (or at least not miserable).Finding inspiration: Design Museum 16