To build my “voodoo doll” I was going to use my phone as a “brain” because it already has everything I need: microphone, speaker, input interface (touchscreen) and it is powerful enough to run a chatbot software. But how to touch screen when the phone is hidden in a doll?

As digitiser works by sensing electric impulses of our body, the first idea was just to implant wires inside the doll connecting specific screen areas with particular parts of the effigy. It was supposed to work like this:

I wanted it to work like the voodoo doll, so inserting needles to specify the part of body had to be there, so I decided make a foil pattern inside the doll. For each body area there is a foil plate connected to the touchscreen by a conductive wire, so when someone stabs it the electronic impulse goes to the phone.

So I started to work on my “tangible interface”

But when the first pattern was ready, I tested how it works, and I was disappointed. It seemed like it did a job of transmitting a signal, but it appeared that foil (or whatever) used to be charged even after the interaction with it was finished.

First (actual) prototype: not so seamless (I mean it failed) 1

So I have to come up with another idea, obviously…