It has been a long way of researching, decision making, and revisioning.  Now it is time to take a look at what we have got and to figure out what we have at the bottom line by subtracting all the excessiveness.

As we know from the interim crits, we have some do’s and don’ts. Let’s start with the second one:

  1. We should stay away from our own assumptions.
  2. We would better avoid the behavioural design. That means that we should not try to change people’s opinion or behaviour.
  3. We should not create any negative associations with the visiting of the gallery.

Now what should be in there:

  1. The inner atmosphere and purposes of the museum are the highest priority.
  2. The exhibition is curated, and it is better to enhance the experience than create something just inspired by the works and life of William Morris.
  3. It would be nice to pick some objects and tell an alternative story about them in edutainment way.

So what are the meat and potatoes of our project:

  1. William Morris was concerned about the quality and the other issues of the machine made products. He did not like the consequences of the Industrial Revolution.
  2. It would be great to use a different way to tell the story using smart devices.

We liked the previous idea to go through the gallery, and see the transformation of the artworks into something new.  When we were in the gallery, after the examining all the exhibition for a few times, we decided to pick three objects and tell another story inspired by them.

In comparison to the previous concept, there will not be any shopping experience and physical outcome with any direct message. This time we are just telling the story which is inspired by the issue of mass production and William Morris, but not directly connected.