Since we decided that all the previous ideas were not as great as it could be, it was time to come up with something new. First of all, we should have figure out what are the strong and weak sides of our recent prototype.

Idea v.2.0 33


  • The main message is relevant and coherent with the concerns and values of William Morris.
  • Mattresses create a clear association with the actual problem of the borough.


  • Not strong enough connection with William Morris and the gallery.
  • The concept is too superficial.
  • Realisation is too simple and obvious.
  • Some inaccuracy in realisation (materials to be put in the “factory” are not actually used in mattresses manufacturing process).
  • Possible problems with extreme users (children could take away miniature mattresses).

We wanted to get rid of the idea to use mattresses in our work and keep the strong sides of the concept.
What is left: the problem of the rising mass production caused by irresponsible consuming.

Consuming ⟶ Buying. Every day we see loads of advertisement which makes us want to buy new thing we do not even need, shopping experience became so easy you could buy almost everything from everywhere. So why not to recreate the shopping experience in the gallery, make it fun and joyful, and then deliver our message in the way which not restrictive, but more thought provoking.

When the visitor came to the room, there will be the announcement which provides the instructions.

In the room next to the exhibits there will be QR-codes which redirect people to the webpage with animation of transformation of some elements of the artwork to modern products, then there will appear the “buy”-buttons next to these products. So visitors can “buy” things they like, and then after “purchase” they will receive the message that says the reference number and how to collect the order.
In the “order” there will be numbered envelope with a postcard inside which delivers our message:
Idea v.2.0 1Idea v.2.0 2

I decided to use “Think.” as the central message because it is really the core thing we want to deliver to the audience; also it was inspired by the exhibition in the WM gallery:
Idea v.2.0 3

As for the appropriate room, we went through all of them and decided that the most relevant is the one with the history of the brand Morris&Co which is all about the commerce, and there are a lot of patterns we can easily work with:

Presentation prepared for crits: