After some research, I decided to find a way to join Freemasonry. The most reliable method is to know a mason, so he can recommend you to his lodge. But if you do not know anyone of them, then you should come up with something else. The easiest option is to fill the form on the UGLE website:

But after a few weeks of no response, I decided to give a try for another way. I went to the Freemasons’ Hall and asked a receptionist who I can talk to for more information about masonry and joining. He said that I should go to the library and take a tour. I was very lucky because a tour was starting in 15 minutes, so I happily joined the group of tourists. It was really interesting to see the building from the inside and hear the story with loads of information, so I suggest you go there even if you do not care about Freemasonry. Some photos: 1

After the tour, I have asked the guide to tell me more about what it is like to be a freemason and what is going on inside. And he said, that could talk about it for days and it still will not be an objective information because everyone finds his own meaning in it.    As for the meetings, he said that he can tell me all the meaning behind it, but it will not be a right thing to tell me what exactly happens there because it will spoil everything if decide to join them. He compared it with the situation when at the premier view of the film someone runs in front of the audience and screams out the most intriguing fact from the culmination.

Also, I have asked him about the joining, and he said that the website is a reliable way if you do not know any mason personally and I have to wait when they contact me.