You can often hear that you should just do something. That is great advice for someone who has no idea what to do and procrastinate. But we talk about design process “just do it” way is not always good.
Every single thing which is not entirely thought out at the initial level will cost a lot of money and time at the further steps.
So before you start doing something ask yourself three questions:

1. Why?

2. What?

3. How?


It means you would better know why you should do something, what the purpose of your work is. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will lose your track and inspiration.


Since the purpose is clear, it is time to figure out what you are willing to create.


And the last thing you should think about is how to bring it to life. On this step the next questions will be appropriate:

1. What medium do you want to choose?

2. What tools are the best fit for your project?