As I decided to play with VR and biometrics, I need to figure out what technologies I should use. For the start, I think it would be easier to work with the pulse, so now it is time to find the best way to measure it and connect it to software.

At the beginning, I wanted to use Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as a measuring device, because it is cheap, ready-made and convenient. The question was whether it is possible to get live pulse data out of it. Xiaomi does not provide any API, so the only visible way to discover it was reverse engineering. As the result, I could collect data from it, but the minimal interval between data transferring is 15 seconds, so I could either extrapolate data to create “kind of” live experience or find another way.

After some research on the sensors and the ways to collect data from them, I decided to move along with Arduino Leonardo as it could be detected as HID device, so it should be easy to connect it with project created in Unity and Pulse sensor