Yesterday, New York-based illustrator and animator Carl Burton released the game called Islands: Non-Places. I saw his stunning GIFs before, and I absolutely love them. Also, I was intrigued by the “coincidence” that the name of Carl’s work is the same as the title of the book written by French anthropologist Marc Augé “Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity” (1995). So there were no doubts that I should buy it.

As for me, this app couldn’t even be considered as a game; this is an artwork, pure interaction design masterpiece. It has philosophical meaning behind it and immerse player into a surrealistic world of unusual yet familiar places. While playing you meditate, but after, you just can not be unmoved and start thinking about the world around you, the effects of globalisation and changing the meaning of the environment we live in.

Marc Augé’s way to consider most of the places like airports, motorways, supermarkets as non-places has its place in anthropology, but I can not fully agree with him. Because everything is relative and when airport could be a non-place for most of the visitors it definitely has its meaning for people who meet their relatives there, or for individuals who work there every day.

For more information, I could recommend to watch the video below and read the book by Marc Augé. And, of course, do not forget to download the magnificent game by Carl Burton.