Do not lie, you are 🙂
But should you?

This is a philosophical question and as always there are some advantages and disadvantages of both having and not having this fear. It helps you to live more considerable life and avoid stupid things. Anyways, if this fear becomes a paranoia it could make your life miserable.

Frank Kolkman has got an idea how to keep that fear under control. Using a recent (para-) psychological research he built a medical device that simulates an out-of-body experience. And I had a chance to try it during the Digital Weekend at the V&A Museum today.

It was definitely a weird experience to feel my physical body in one place (due to the little “hummer” at my chest) and my mental being at another thanks to the VR experience of seeing myself from behind. I cannot say, that it somehow changed my view on death, but it is individual to everyone and technology is not perfect yet, which is certainly soon to be improved.

I love the way Frank uses the latest multimedia technologies to deal with psychological issues.

Cover photo:
Waag Society 2017