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Nothing sacred, just socializing

Trying to learn more about the Freemasonry, their values and principles, I have attended an initial meeting for those, who are thinking about joining. It was very friendly and informal, just Q&A and a quick tour of the Freemason’s Hall. Regarding new information, there was nothing, but what you can find on the internet.The most The most popular question was about what benefits you can get for yourself by joining. The answer was basically socialising and journey which could help you to understand yourself and become a better member of society. I like their values but at the moment I don’t… More

Do you feel safe?

Ok, so what have we got here? Regarding CCTV surveillance and any other kinds of monitoring, most of the artists (people) are concerned about being watched and consider it as something bad. Yes, I cannot be aside this paranoid point of view because we actually have no idea on how all that data is being collected, who has access to it and how it could be used. People are afraid of unknown; it is nature. If you do not know what are you dealing with it could be dangerous, so to stay safe we tend to decrease an uncertainty level around… More

Perception of space and safety

I find it very compelling how people’s feeling of security and space perception change by using simple psychological tricks. I started thinking about that when, while our LCC Studio overtake, Zhiguo Zeng build his prototype of the future apartment by using only tape outlines on the floor. When you step into it, your mind immediately changes the way you perceive the space around you. You feel like you are actually inside a structure, which fences you off from the outside world and can protect you. Like in Gestalt principle of closure our mind tends to complete everything to get a familiar structure and that completion… More

Light, fog, projection and other sea birds

Back in 2011, I was lucky enough to visit a solo exhibition by Olafur Eliasson in Kyiv. It is not a regular thing in Ukraine to hold art exhibitions of such high-quality level. At that period I used to be considerably sceptic to contemporary art because most of the artists trying to be spotted by audience provoking strong emotional feedback, and the easiest way to do so is to shock and arouse disgust, fear and depress. That is why I was fairly surprised by the Olafur’s artworks as they are playful and aesthetically pleasing, though deep and thought-provoking. I love the way he manipulates… More

Bring it up from your subconsciousness

As I mentioned in my previous blog entries, when we got to the LCC Studio at the Elephant&Castle Shopping Centre, I was surprised by the number of surveillance cameras in that place, but I noticed them mostly because I had already had a focus on people’s privacy and monitoring. When I asked others in the room no one paid any attention to the cameras before I pointed on them. So that is why I decided to make invisible visible and make surveillance tangible and noticeable. For me, surveillance creates something like a net above our heads and makes me feel that… More

Personal space? No.

When we have got to the LCC Studio at Elephant&Castle Shopping Centre I was surprised by the huge amount of cameras for the one open space. There are 9 (nine!) cameras. So are there at least one place where you can hide from the cameras. Let’s figure it out. I have made the photos from the points of view of each camera to map the coverage: #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode()… More

What I think about Freemasonry

After exploring loads of information, I have got a feeling, that Freemasonry is an organisation which does what they claim. It is like a gentlemen’s club with its specific. They care about networking and contribution to family and society. Yes, it has much in common with religion, because of sharing same moral values and it is full of symbolism and rituals. But it does not promise you any kind of salvation, they just help you to be a better person. All the conspiracy theories were created because of the secrecy around them. Regarding, all the mystery was created to protect… More


After some research, I decided to find a way to join Freemasonry. The most reliable method is to know a mason, so he can recommend you to his lodge. But if you do not know anyone of them, then you should come up with something else. The easiest option is to fill the form on the UGLE website: But after a few weeks of no response, I decided to give a try for another way. I went to the Freemasons’ Hall and asked a receptionist who I can talk to for more information about masonry and joining. He said… More

Arduino Basics #3: Control WebGL landscape with analog input

This time we should play around an analog input. For this experiment, I am going to use a potentiometer. Previously, I controlled LEDs remotely using a web UI, so why not to turn it over and control web content with analog input on the Arduino board. Another technology I am interested in exploring is WebGL, which is used to create 3D objects and environment on the web. We have this code to read data from Arduino and send it to our web app via PubNub: See the Pen Analog input… More

Only the paranoid survive

“Only the paranoid survive.” — Andy Grove Andy Grove was a Hungarian refugee who escaped communism, studied engineering, and ultimately led the personal computer revolution as the CEO of Intel. He died earlier this year in Silicon Valley after a long fight with Parkinson’s disease. Browsing the web I came across the story which is a bit disturbing: I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you. If you bother closing your door to keep your possessions safe, mind your data safety: How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour Cover… More