According to the PAIR website:

PAIR is devoted to advancing the research and design of people-centric AI systems. We’re interested in the full spectrum of human interaction with machine intelligence, from supporting engineers to understanding everyday experiences with AI.

That is why, I was thrilled to watch their first symposium ever to hear more about their practice and recent findings of other researcher in the field of AI and machine learning through the prism of human centred design.

The first thing that I really like is Tensorflow Playground, which makes understanding the way neural networks work much easier.People + AI Research Initiative Symposium 1

Another cool thing is Deeplearn.js. Yes, it means that you do not need any additional software or knowing the Python. All you need to train neural networks and run pre-trained models is a browser which works even on mobile phones. Machine learning now is even more accessible.

But the most important is the fact that these technologies are not just something scientists work with in their laboratories, it is the technology which urgently needs to rethink the human-computer interaction and build new ways of communicate with our rapidly changing environments on everyday consuming level.

The stream itself (there are a lot of things I have not mentioned here):