I find it very compelling how people’s feeling of security and space perception change by using simple psychological tricks.
I started thinking about that when, while our LCC Studio overtake, Zhiguo Zeng build his prototype of the future apartment by using only tape outlines on the floor.Perception

When you step into it, your mind immediately changes the way you perceive the space around you. You feel like you are actually inside a structure, which fences you off from the outside world and can protect you.

Like in Gestalt principle of closure our mind tends to complete everything to get a familiar structure and that completion depends on a context. This effect was employed greatly by Lars von Trier in his movie “Dogville” (2003), where all the stage setting was based on the chalk lines and spare scenery which create a proper perception of the whole town in one open pavilion. Perception 1Perception 2

Images in this post are the screenshots from the Lars von Trier’s movie “Dogville” (2003)