When we have got to the LCC Studio at Elephant&Castle Shopping Centre I was surprised by the huge amount of cameras for the one open space.Personal space? No. 1

There are 9 (nine!) cameras. So are there at least one place where you can hide from the cameras. Let’s figure it out.

I have made the photos from the points of view of each camera to map the coverage:

Here is the area which was under surveillance at the moment the photos where taken:Personal space? No. 22

By the way, the uncovered area could have been observed by the cameras outside the studio. Anyways, all the cameras have possibility to turn around, so potentially space could be covered as shown below:Personal space? No. 23

As we can see, the only place which is hidden from the cameras’ sights is very small and not accessible for visitors.

Does it give you a feeling of anxiousness as you have no personal space or provide you with a confidence because you are secured and never alone?