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Next step: technology

As I decided to play with VR and biometrics, I need to figure out what technologies I should use. For the start, I think it would be easier to work with the pulse, so now it is time to find the best way to measure it and connect it to software. At the beginning, I wanted to use Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as a measuring device, because it is cheap, ready-made and convenient. The question was whether it is possible to get live pulse data out of it. Xiaomi does not provide any API, so the only visible way to discover it… More

Inner reality

After the workshop on e-textiles, I have become really interested in the maker’s movement and familiarising myself with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on. As currently, I am interested in the emerging digital and physical interfaces, I have become obsessed with the idea to create a virtual environment which will be somehow adjusted to and controlled by biometric data. Moreover, a few weeks ago I attended the VIRTUAL // NEEDS REALITY — meeting 01, and Jarrad Vladich, Producer at The Mill, was talking about their VR experience projects. He was talking about one fo their projects called Strata. It is a step forward in… More


Yesterday, New York-based illustrator and animator Carl Burton released the game called Islands: Non-Places. I saw his stunning GIFs before, and I absolutely love them. Also, I was intrigued by the “coincidence” that the name of Carl’s work is the same as the title of the book written by French anthropologist Marc Augé “Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity” (1995). So there were no doubts that I should buy it. As for me, this app couldn’t even be considered as a game; this is an artwork, pure interaction design masterpiece. It has philosophical meaning behind it and… More

What is reality?

VR, AR, MR are such trendy abbreviations nowadays that it reminds me the times when cinematography was invented. Everyone then was tending to create something mind blowing and make it before others. Same story today: each tech enthusiast trying to make something which has never existed before. Also, I see a lot of negative feedback that people spend a lot of time not in the physical reality, but in the digital one. Of course, it has its disadvantages as any other addiction when overused. But for our brain, there is no difference between realities because everything it receives is just… More

Just do it or do it in a proper way

You can often hear that you should just do something. That is great advice for someone who has no idea what to do and procrastinate. But we talk about design process “just do it” way is not always good. Every single thing which is not entirely thought out at the initial level will cost a lot of money and time at the further steps. So before you start doing something ask yourself three questions: 1. Why? 2. What? 3. How? Why It means you would better know why you should do something, what the purpose of your work… More

Art of code and code of art

Studying computer science and working as a UI/UX designer I have been fond of coding. There is nothing impossible with programming; you have unimaginable possibilities to create something, that no one did before. The worlds are emerging, digital environment is becoming as important and tangible as a physical. It could not be missed by artists. They are always looking for new ways to reach the people’s minds more efficiently. Why code such a great instrument for artists? There is a long history of confrontation and collaboration between art and science, but it seems that they cannot exist separate… More

Engineering the world

I have always been finding architecture and engineering as some of the most inspiring things for whatever I create. Everything considered as beautiful and artistic has exact sciences ground on its base. Architecture is the quintessence of excellent collaboration between art and science. It has a very practical purpose from the very beginning, but it would not work well without aesthetics because human productivity depends on the mood which respectively depends greatly on surrounding environment. Last week I was on the exhibition at V&A museum dedicated to Ove Arup, one of the greatest structural engineers of the previous century, who… More