Project: 1.1 — William Morris Page 2

My thoughts and progress during the unit called “Theories and Technologies of Interaction Design”

Beautiful data

Data itself does not say anything. It is just numbers and symbols, but if we put it into the context, it gets the meaning. I love to analyse it and make conclusions based on that. Recently, I have got a great book called “Information Graphics”. It is very inspiring, so I have decided to gather some data about Walthamstow to analyse it and maybe create a project based on the data visualisation as a clear motivator to think on the topical issues. Statistics is a very tricky science. You could prove whatever you want using it. All you have to… More

Future materials

Today I have been at the materials library, and I was so inspired by the huge variety of the textures and patterns which have been created using technological processes that did not exist even a hundred years ago. William Morris used advanced techniques and complicated processes to create his artworks, such as indigo dying and bleaching. His wallpapers and other interior design objects were modern and even ahead of the time. It makes me think about the contrast of manufacturing approaches now and then, about the evolution of the industry. More

Do not limit yourself

When I heard about William Morris’s life for the first time, I was impressed by the variety of the activities and specifications he had. He is well-known now mostly as a great British textile designer, but at his time his was recognized more as a writer and social activist. At the same time, he was an artist, a furniture designer, a novelist, a poet, a translator, a publisher and so on. His beliefs were always changing and improving, and he was open to the new views and ready to act. If he wanted to change something he just did it. More