Socrates once said:

“The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything”.

I can say that the only thing I am certain about is that I am not certain about anything, and I am not the only one. It is because everything in our life is not definite, everything is changing and ambiguous. But the human nature is to structure everything, to find a pattern, to predict and prepare for future events. That is why projects based on a speculation about the future always draw attention. Designers used to create a lot of innovative designs in the 50-ies of the previous century,  then with the rise of capitalism most of them started to work only on the projects which were commercially justified. And now we can witness how speculative design is returning and becomes more and more popular.

So I was really excited when we were introduced to the new brief with the main theme “Stochastic Systems”. And a bit confused, as everything around us is uncertain and full of randomness. There is a chaos in every structure, so it does not matter what topic we are choosing to work with, we still do not have any frames. Designers can not work without restrictions. If you say to one “You can do whatever you want with endless budget and timeframes,” he will be stuck.

Now, as the brief does not provide many restrictions and directions, we should create them by ourselves.

Btw, the “5 What If” technic we were introduced by Georgine is very useful when you have no idea what to do next. Just ask yourself “What if…?” several times.Stochastic Systems 1 Stochastic Systems 2

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