Transformation, this is the word I have been thinking about for the time during the idea progressing.

  • Transformation of the production process.
  • Transformation of technologies.
  • Transformation of art.
  • Transformation of human perception of the world.

We went through the 19th century and found the interesting device which reminds GIFs, which are so popular today.The name of that device is phenakistoscope.
It was invented by Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau and his sons in 1832 (Source). It is hard to impress us with “moving images” today, but at the time of William Morris, it was magic. So we decided to tell a story about the technology of that years. We want to create a physical device which will be a phenakistoscope, but a modern one with some nowadays “magic”.

We will choose some works of William Morris as an inspiration to create animations. Then we will build the device, which is going to look like this:The magic of moving images 1

We will use proximity sensor and DC motor by SAM Labs to bring it alive, also to make it work independently and fully wirelessly we will connect it to the SAM’s Cloud. All of that will be based on the unibody transparent plastic. To tell a story there will be an iPad with additional info next to the phenakistoscope. Also, maybe there will be some interchangeable discs for other animations.