This week we had a formative assessment during which we had to present our thesis progress to academic board to get some feedback.

Here is my presentation:

The main critical points of the feedback were:

  1. Too much stuff. You need to clarify what position you’re standing in/coming from eg. Are you a designer looking to and analysing film or vice-versa?
  2. Take a look at the notion of Mac gaffing. Extracting object from the film. Tricky territory of props.
    Grouping. Is cabinets the right word?
  3. What’s your rationale? At the beginning your focus was on how the way of using objects in cinema could improve VR experience? And you kind of dropped it.
  4. Why atmospheric? Why this area? (I think this is the same question as the previous one)
  5. Stop thinking about art as objects. And start thinking about those triggers for experience. Check Ascot. Telematics.
  6. You didn’t mention the two big words you’re working with – diegetics and phenomenology. You need to examine this vocabulary.