When you work on the project for the particular client or the specific audience, you could not rely only on your feel and understanding of the subject. It could seem to you as a great project, but it could be just an illusion because you, as a designer, as a creator, is highly proficient in the subject and as a person, you could have absolutely different values and vision than the target audience of your product.

So we have come up with the idea I described in the previous post. It was the concept we wanted to present to William Morris gallery’s team and our tutors for interim crits. There is no one more aware of the specifics of the museum’s audience, than its curators. And after all, they are the client for this project.

Right after the presentation we have got the initial feedback from the curators of the gallery. The biggest problem of our concept was in the feelings which left with the visitor after experiencing our installation. It is negative. Yes, it is good for our purpose, to make people concern about the consequences of irresponsible consumption. But we should also count the objectives of the gallery, so we should not create any bad associations with visiting the venue. Moreover, it is bad practice to give people something completely different to what they expect to receive, and to disappoint them by making their previous effort useless.

Next week we had another feedback from the tutors which incorporates their own opinion and the general comments from the curator’s team. Globally, our and other groups projects had too much external focus on the issues relevant to the borough and not enough emphasis on William Morris and his works. So we have to slightly change our direction and create something aligned to the gallery itself. That means we should change our concept again. Idea v.3.0 is coming 🙂