When I was talking about creating an atmosphere in the movie, I used to mention only a director, but it is not actually fair. To be honest, it is always the result of the work of a trio: screenwriter, director and production designer. While screenwriter and director are visionaries, the creation of a world, as a matter of fact, is a production designer’s responsibility. To know more about this role, you could go here.

If we talk about The Grand Budapest Hotel, we have a not common situation, when produser, writer and director is the same person, Wes Anderson. Therefore, all the visionary part is covered by him, but still the huge input in the trasformation of that vision in the actual atmosphere belongs to the production designer of the picture, Adam Stockhausen. Here is the interview with him about the work on the movie: http://deadline.com/2015/02/grand-budapest-hotel-adam-stockhausen-wes-anderson-oscar-nominated-production-design-1201371523/


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