Not so far ago the information was a precious resource because it was tough to get access to it. Nowadays, we are so overwhelmed by information that now it looks like the endless ocean with nothing on the horizon. You can not see the place you are heading to, and there are a lot of hidden currents which continuously tend to take you to the wrong direction. It is too easy to get lost. So you should better have a navigation system and a clear destination point.

Research is a process of finding a destination, a navigation system, and right tools to swim efficiently.

Our research of William Morris and Walthamstow brought us to three major directions we could move forward:

  1. «Mom’s headache»: exploring the social problems around parenting.
  2. «Car Parking» issue: the contrast of the level of awareness of the locals of the global challenges and those directly connected to their neighbourhood.
  3. «Dumped Mattrasses» issues:
  • global: careless attitude to consumption which causes Earth pollution from mass production;
  • local: disrespect to other people.

We decided to move along with the third one and formulate our purpose this way:
How to reduce the negative impact of the mass production by the everyday awareness.