1. A dark room.
  2. Plinth in the centre of the room.
  3. An undefined object on the plinth which looks like a living alien creature which depicts spectator’s thoughts and fears.
  4. Projection on the curved screen in the corner of the room:
    An abstract 3D object which represents the inner state of the creature on the plinth.


  1. When the person is stepping in the room, a voice provides initial instructions:
  2. “You are welcome in the hidden part of your brain. This creature is your thoughts and fears trying to hide in your subconsciousness. Be gentle.”
  3. Calm electronic music is playing in the background.
  4. When a person takes the object in hands the music is slightly changing and becomes a bit more noticeable.
  5. When visitor starts to rotate the object sound and visuals indicate that it likes that. Music stays calm.
  6. If spectator decides to rotate the object faster, it becomes angry, which is shown by red colour and aggressive behaviour of the visualisation. Sound effects change to unpleasant to indicate that the object is in pain.

Here is a plan:What I am doing 1