VR, AR, MR are such trendy abbreviations nowadays that it reminds me the times when cinematography was invented. Everyone then was tending to create something mind blowing and make it before others. Same story today: each tech enthusiast trying to make something which has never existed before.

Also, I see a lot of negative feedback that people spend a lot of time not in the physical reality, but in the digital one. Of course, it has its disadvantages as any other addiction when overused. But for our brain, there is no difference between realities because everything it receives is just impulses, which are the same when they caused by perceiving the physical and virtual worlds.

I believe that the future is after mixed reality when the border between the natural environment and digital one are blurred. It could give human “superpowers.” Just imagine you could travel to another planet in a glimpse of the eye and explore it without living you home. Then you could create the world full of fantastic creatures all around you. The only limit is imagination.

Something inspiring to watch:

— Cover: http://void.hi-res.net