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Interaction Futures & Speculative Design

Finding inspiration: Design Museum

Looking for inspiration, I went to the Design Museum, as I always find something new there which could catalyze my creativity. Let’s take a look what thoughts I have got there: As the William Morris theme was still in my mind, I have stopped near the timeline with the fact about William. I remembered about his rejection of the industrialization and refusal of visiting the Crystal Palace. That made me think about the progress and people’s perception of it, as someone is open to everything new and happy to explore cutting-edge solutions when others afraid of it and prefer to live with stability… More

Stochastic Systems

Socrates once said: “The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything”. I can say that the only thing I am certain about is that I am not certain about anything, and I am not the only one. It is because everything in our life is not definite, everything is changing and ambiguous. But the human nature is to structure everything, to find a pattern, to predict and prepare for future events. That is why projects based on a speculation about the future always draw attention. Designers used to create a lot of innovative designs in the 50-ies of the… More